To get the maximum leverage from PLM it should support the Goal and Objectives of your enterprise. That means PLM is one of the strategies employed to provide a means to one or more concrete Objectives in support of your corporate goal.   Once your alignment is complete the breadth and depth of your PLM strategy becomes visible.  That’s were the detailed planning begins.  We can assist you in aligning PLM to your Objectives and help you come up with a practical and achievable plan to implement your PLM strategy.


Once you select a PLM platform to support your strategy we can assist with:

  • process design.
  • program management
  • customization to your company’s needs.
  • data loading.
  • enhancements and extensions.
  • new user and ongoing training.


During the life of a PLM implementation changes are required to adjust to changing technologies and markets.  From answering a question, testing your implementation for a new release,  implementing new capabilities or helping plan a transition, Crucis Technologies will be there to assist you.


As an Aras Certified Partner we can provide quotes for Aras subscriptions along with our consulting services.


Crucis Technology is an Aras Certified Partner. We provide our services exclusively using the Aras Innovator platform for engineering and manufacturing enterprises with one or more offices in the United States.