OTC Pharma Testing Service


A Pharma Testing Service Lab was looking for a series of custom developed point solutions for their company.

They were familiar with the point tool solutions of other labs they had been associated with but were looking for something more. We introduced them to Aras’ Innovator and explained what they would get “out of the box” with Innovator and how it would benefit them. A web based interface so they wouldn’t need a program loaded on each machine in the business. Baseline capabilities including, user accounts, a role based permission model, workflow, lifecycles and a simple report interface. These capabilities take quite a bit of time, effort and money to develop and support in a “small” database application. Having these capabilities from day one would allow us to focus on how they wanted their business to work and not how the application would work.


We started a discussion of what they needed, execution of each process, how it related to other processes in their business and what the expected outputs where. The ability to quickly prototype solutions in Innovator allowed us to try several approaches to application pieces and tune it to best fit their needs. The end result was an Innovator application that helped manage the lab from start to finish. In one system they had document management, Customer and Supplier information, incoming customer and supplier material inspection, material mixing and expiration, Work Orders and Test Services from definition and pricing to execution and invoicing.