Electronic Part Request

Part requests and PCB library processes were out of control.

Our client had a pcb development process that was mess.  Engineers were adding parts, symbols and layout shapes as best they could. With each new design engineers made their own design library for schematic capture and layout. There were nearly as many resistor symbols in the multiple libraries as there were resistors. Many times the same resistor was in the system several times.   Layout shapes were inconsistent and led to long layout times and defective boards. Fabrication houses were making case by case modifications to try and improve manufacturability.


We created a new part request item and added a workflow outlining the steps needed to add a new electronic part to the system.  This included Materials, Engineering, PCB and Manufacturing. We cleaned up the existing pcb layout and created an unreleased and a release library for schematic and pcb design. We added standard symbols  and layout definitions for basic components. The only way to change the release library was through an ECN or a new part request.  The PCB librarian had full control of the release library. Users could not route a pcb with unreleased parts.


New electronic parts now have manufacturers, manufacturer’s part numbers, prices, symbols and layout shapes  assigned, prior to laying out the board.  Schematics and Layouts use consistent symbols. Engineers can call up the part specification out of the Innovator vault from the schematic capture or layout tool.